Developer Guide: Website Customisation

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This page describes website customisation for front-end developers or web designers.

(Deeper customisation of the actual functionality is available to experienced back-end developers who are capable of creating plugins or adapting existing modules to their specific needs.)


Mothership is a set of modules which carry out various tasks. Some of these result in HTML output which is displayed to visitors to the website while others just operate behind-the-scenes.

Sitting between the back-end application and the browser

Quick Start

Everything you should need is located within this directory:

Main Site Folder > app > site > resources

Within /assets you will see folders containing the CSS and JS files. These can be edited in the usual way to style the HTML output and customise the default behaviour of the site. For more information, check out the guide to editing CSS and JavaScript files .

The /public directory is where you would put Images and Fonts. (You will need to create the /images and /fonts directories.)

Finally, /view is where all of the HTML lives. If you need to alter the structure of the pages this is the place to go.