User Guide: Creating a new Bundle

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Creating a new Bundle

  1. Visit the Discount tab on the main menu
  2. Select the "Create a new bundle" button on the lefthand menu
  3. Complete the form (there is no limit to the number of products you can add to a bundle, but too many may break your bundle page design)
  4. Set an image - this will display in your listing and checkout so ideally would be a group shot of all items included in the bundle
  5. Once ready, click the "Save bundle" button

You have now created a bundle product. Now you need to set up a new content page to link this to.

  1. Visit the Content tab on the main menu
  2. Select "Add a new page" on the lefthand menu
  3. Give your new bundle page a title, select which section you want it to be listed under from the dropdown
  4. Select the "Bundle" page type and then click the "Create page" button

You now have form to complete, similar to a regular product page.

  1. Select which bundle you want this page to link to
  2. Fill in any descriptive content you would like to include on the customer facing page
  3. Set up an image gallery - ideally starting with your group shot
  4. Set up an cross sells you would like
  5. Save your changes

You can now preview and/or publish the page.