Developer Guide: Installing Mothership

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We have created a command-line installer to simplify the process of installing Mothership. Please see the System Requirements before proceeding.

Using the installer

  1. Create an empty the database in MySQL
  2. Download the installer
  3. Run the php [path to]/mothership.phar in your terminal and follow the prompts.

By default, the installer will install to the current directory. To install into a separate directory, give it as a parameter, e.g. php [path to]/mothership.phar my-installation to install to a directory called my-installation

Installing manually

To install Mothership manually, you will need to have Composer installed.

  1. Run composer create-project mothership-ec/mothership * <path to installation>
  2. Add your database details to config/db.yml
  3. Run bin/cog migrate:run from the installation directory in the terminal
  4. Run bin/cog asset:dump and bin/cog asset:generate from the installation directory in the terminal
  5. Run chmod -R 777 tmp public logs data from the installation directory in the terminal
  6. Run bin/cog task:run user:create_admin in your terminal to create the first admin user

Mothership will now be installed in the location you specified, and will use the default 'Skeleton' theme. See our guide for setting up Apache environments for next steps.